sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2013

Getting inspired!

Those cupcakes I saw Yesterday didn't leave me alone, so some baking took place this morning!
I was improvising a little because the shops were still closed, but the outcome was quite good after all! I went for chocolate, and isntead of regular cacao I used mint chocolate powder..! I added 70% dark choclate by Lindt (which I always have in stock!) to the dough, and it was amazing! Then mixed some creamy cheese and powdered sugar, turned it pink with food colouring and added sprinkles on top! We had a real big breakfast with dessert too, it was lovely!

Later I drove to my dear friend's place, packed a few cupcakes for the whole family, and we had some delicious cups of Kusmi tea!
My friend looks so beautiful, she's pregnant with her third child, and that glow on her is just amazing! She's definitely showing already, and I'm so happy for her, for all of them!
I hugged my sweet Goddaughter good and drove back home.

Let's continue having a nice and cozy Sunday!

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