tiistai 16. huhtikuuta 2013

Flea Market & lunch at home!

I'm enjoying some free days at home! Cleaned everything up and got some fresh flowers Yesterday, heavenly! There's definitely some good Feng Shui going on when everything is on the right place! Clean up your home and you clean up your head as well!

I had a very spontanious morning today: I talked with my sister on the phone, and an hour later we were in the car with our Mother, on our way to Kaivarin Kanuuna! This is the ultimate flea Market of Southern Helsinki! Really good stuff, you can imagine the wardrobes of the ladies of Kaivopuisto, it's good! My sister found a jacket and a scarf that were screaming her name, plus shoes from Minna Parikka! And now I mean literally!
Miss Parikka herself was unloading huge bags filled with shoes, dresses and bags up for sale! She's gorgeous! We talked for a while, I was wearing my orange shoes from her spring/summer 2012 line, which she of course spotted immediately! It was so funny! We shared a laugh and I thanked her for being an inspiration and we wished each other well!
But really, she had loads of used shoes, all size 39, so hurry up, I'm guessing they won't be there for long!

Here's the address: Kaivarin Kanuuna, Merikatu 3

Now I'm about to leave for an appointment at hairdresser's, wohoo!
It's about time!
See you later!

A Tricolore-salad for lunch! Tomatoes, mozzarella and avocados, plus some Spanish strawberries which I couldn't resist! Yummy!

Since I thought everything was so pretty over here after the clean-up, I took a few snapshots!

And here are my orange devils!
Hooray for spring, there's no turning back now!!

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