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Amazing Adele

Amazing Adele

Today my husband and myself drove over to my Mother's to have dinner with family. It was the Day III of our Christmas celebrations. Stomach full, once again, of her cookings! It was so lovely and warm, this has been yet another beautiful Christmas, and I feel blessed to have been surrounded by the people I love the most.

On the way back home we listened to Adele who has absolutely stolen our hearts. I don't remember when was the last time I was so amazed by a voice, must be years ago. She's not a newcomer in our cd-collection, but she just constantly wows me every single time. There was a concert on tv the other night, live in Royal Albert Hall, London, recorded some two years ago, time before her surgery when she'd just hit the jackpot. She was so charismatic and beautiful, just standing there on stage in her beautiful dress and bare feet and sang straight to the hearts of the audience.
To me she's an old soul. I don't understand how a 20-year-old can write songs like that, or sing like that. She's pure gold and I can't wait to hear more, follow her career and just silently feel her move my heart.

You can get a glimpse of her here.

Amazing Adele by aveceva on Polyvore

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