tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2012

Home Sweet Home!!!

I'm back home!! Oh I just don't think you could find a happier person on Earth right now!! After a whopping 15 hours of travelling in two different airplanes, buses, airport shuttles, security checks, queues and a broken suitcase, I finally ended in a taxi which took me home! Am exhausted but extremely happy to be in my beautiful home country where the air is fresh, snow is white and there's room to breathe. My darling husband was waiting for me with a bouquet of roses, rye bread and good old salmiakki, my favourite things, and I just couldn't describe how I'd missed him and home altogether!

I've also missed you all and the blog terribly!! I couldn't believe it but all this social media like Facebook, blogs, Twitter, even Youtube, is banned in China. It's the censorship. Of course it makes sense once I figured it out but I did not get it beforehand. I tried and tried to log in and soon realised what was going on. But now the silence is over and I have so much to tell you!! With pictures of course! I'll get back to you tomorrow, just had to make an informative post here! Sweet thoughts to you all, loads of love and hugs!!

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