perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

Running errands

I just got home from a serious five-hour-madness in the center! Today has been my free day of the week so I had to be efficient: I started from the bank and continued downtown to mingle with all the other so many people running around in the slippery sidewalks while more snow kept coming down! Could this go for a week's workout? I should think so!
I had many things to take care of and none of them was about Christmas! We are leaving for a tour in China in a few days with work, and my list of things-to-do seemed neverending! But I did reach the finishing line and am safely at home now with the basic procedure: candles lit, woolly socks on, soup on the way, phew! And Christmas shopping will come later. One thing at the time.
But no matter how many things needs to be taken care of, I always snap a photo in at least every other corner! I had some sushi for lunch and a cup of tea for dessert. I went to Ichiban in Aikatalo and afterwards the beautifully renovated Svenska Teatern for tea. It's got a good old style theater feel to it but just maybe it was a little bit cozier before the big renovation. But beautiful it is anyway!
There were all kinds of Christmas things going on, oh how I'm waiting for the hurry-free days, family gatherings, the Christmas food, all the fish, the chocolates, the quality sofa-time under the blanket, books, movies..! We'll be back in time for all that and it will feel all the more special then! Here's some moments of my day, have a good beginning of the weekend!

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