tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2013

Collars, part II

My fear towards the dentist appointment turned out to be unnecessary, everything was fine and my teeth are in good shape, phew! There really are some things in life when you have to admit to yourself how you will never grow up. This is one of mine, I feel like a child and miss my Mom! Well, I doubt no one likes visits to the dentist's, and I take comfort in that! Plus my dentist is really nice and kind, she knows my fear and treats me gently.

Afterwards I did not treat myself with a piece of cake, I just happened to find something furry, neat and super comfy instead..! How serious is this going to get, I can't say, but I couldn't help myself! Two collars and a furry hat!! Or actually the hat is also a collar, but I'm definitely going to wear it in my head! You gotta think outside the box! First when I saw it I immediately thought it was a hat, or a furry head band, but no, it's a collar.
This is something I encourage everybody to do, explore your adventures in the world of fashion, wardrobe and accessories. I've worn leg warmers in my arms and men's shirts as tunics, whatever comes to mind! It's fun and it makes you feel good, and after that you make people around you feel good too!

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