lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

Saturday & Sunshine!

Today the sun came out once again! I had to go to take care of some things in the center so it was lovely to walk outside in the crispy and clear weather! I slept like a log last night, almost nine hours which is a lot for me! That was a perfect start for the day!

While I was out I managed to steal myself a wonderful moment in The Ounce! I have told you about that, it's one of the prettiest tea rooms I have ever seen! This time I made a request to have a really rich black tea, something that goes with cold weather, maybe vanilla in it, and the lady gave me several options I could smell first and then make up my mind! It's such a unique place, I love it! I ended up having tea called Creme Brulee and it was heavenly! I sat down, had my tea, dreamed for a moment, took a few photos and came home. I must say sometimes you don't need any tricks to make yourself happy!

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