torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013

More sunshine!

Today we both, myself and hubby, got up quite early and left to take care of some errands. I walked to the center, it's just so beautiful right now it makes my heart pound! And not that cold, under -10 at the moment I'd say. Our thermometer is not working properly so we're always guessing what it might actually be!

I went to Akateeminen book shop. My Mother called me from there Yesterday to say that they have the craziest final sales! Oh dear, off I went! I found one cook book by the lovely Tessa Kiros, a home decoration book about recycled things, and a cool fashion book from Berlin-based designers! And a surprise gift for my darling husband, who always takes such good care of me! And I know he's gonna love it!
I also bought myself two luxury magazines! I have a soft spot for these babies, especially for the beautiful Côté Paris, which introduces homes in Paris... And the French Vogue isn't bad either!

I walked my way to Fabianinkatu and the cozy Kellarikrouvi for a cup of tea. Quite a busy lunch place, but the sofa corner is splendid and calm with big armchairs and couches, coffee tables and coffee table books. There's an American feel to it I think.
Oh sweet Helsinki, I just love to walk around and be forever charmed by our beautiful hometown!

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