lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013


I just have to show you what I found from the final sales! Fake fur collars, look!
I fell for these pretty little things immediately! I know all kinds of collars, pearly, furry, glitzy etc. have been big the past season but only now I thought I actually like them a lot! These two were -75% from the original price, I couldn't believe it! It seems now's the perfect time to make real finds in the accessory department. Clothes may have gone already but all kinds of little things to give something extra to your outfit, are still out there waiting!

These are just perfect, very Anna Karenina I think! And that might just be the reason for my sudden interest for them! When the movie came out last week I realized I hadn't read the book, and thought I definitely want to read it first! I went to the book store and bought it, so I've been under the influence for about seven days now, so there's my explanation! Makes sense, right?!

It's an amazing book by the way, they don't call it a classic for no reason! It's not very hand bag-friendly though with all the 900 pages, but I've been persistantly carrying it around with me! I bought a paper back, so it's not that heavy. And speaking of which, I have a perfect moment now to read a few pages! See you soon!

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