keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2013

Design Forum Helsinki

Good Morning!
Work has started and I'm getting used to having some kind of rhythym in my life! Altough I must say it's so heavenly to go to bed early, read a while and just fall to sleep. I'm an early bird, always have been, and it really is nice to wake up before the shock of an alarm clock, so I think this season will start nice and smooth, I hope so!
The rest of the week we have long days but Yesterday I had time to take care of some errands and on my way stopped by the Design Forum in Erottaja. It's a nice place with a small café with exellent cakes and such! In the shop itself they've got a lot of different things from clothes to decorations and jewellery. There's Paola Suhonen, there's Costo, Eero Aarnio etc., but also newer names. It's so fun to see how innovative the designers are. You might think that everything's been invented already but little do we know really! And recycling is big, which is a good thing! I snapped a few photos, have a look and a good day my friends!

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