sunnuntai 13. tammikuuta 2013

Sis. Deli & Friendship!!

Today I had a breakfast date with my dear friend! We are such a good team, fit well together! This time we wanted to go really early since we were going to check out the flea market in Vanha Ylioppilastalo, so we agreed to meet at 8.45! On a Sunday! You have to be early when flea markets are involved, that's when the best things are still available!
We happen to live in the same building (which is very convienient in every possible way!) so we met at the front door and walked to the tram stop admiring the beautiful, sleepy and silent streets of Töölö. We went to a café called Sis. Deli in Kalevankatu. It opend at 9 and we were the first ones! Oooh the breakfast buffet was insanely good!! Also tea, special coffees and a smoothie were part of it. It was so delicious we couldn't believe it! This chain has specialized itself in organic and local food, they make different types of pastes and jams themselves, as well as all the grilled veggies in the buffet. It was truly good, you just know it when the ingredients are good and fresh. We were really exited about the place, it was her idea, I'd never been there before, and don't understand why! Also the space was really nice, quite simple, black and white things, old floor, and a little shop as well with organic muesli and jams, tea and such for sale. I bought some tea to bring home, and off we went with our stomachs full and promised to come back!

The flea market was nice too, we looked around and made some finds. So nice to have a Sunday flea market right in the center, I recommend visiting! The café was open with a soup lunch, and there was quite a lot of people. Not so much sellers, yet, but hopefully word will spread!

Now I'm back home, we're just lying in bed with my sweet husband, reading Sunday paper and books, it's so nice and sweet! I just love days like these, mind is calm and good! Hugs to you all sweeties!

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