sunnuntai 17. helmikuuta 2013


Today was my beautiful Goddaughter no.3's 4th birthday! She's so, so cute, my dear friend's second child, and I'm so happy to have been close to her all these years! She's a beauty, such a sweet little girl! And guess what I got her?!
A pair of golden shoes with heels! Heels suitable for little girls, that is. Oh, they were amazing! All the things that are available for today's children, oh my! I would have gone crazy if there were shoes like that when I was growing up!
There was a lot of good food, cake, butterfly-muffins, tea, treasure hunting, shadowplay, and my sweet, sweet friends!
I'm so happy about us all, we make a good team and I love it! And the next generation is on its way, brilliant!

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