keskiviikko 20. helmikuuta 2013

Midweek Blues

Today I've been feeling a little blue. Sometimes it just happens for no particular reason. Or well, work's been quite heavy this week but that's ok. Otherwise it's been a beautiful day today with such bright sunshine! I tried to catch some rays after work, and I hope it has some effect on me! I can't remember the day we saw the sun the last time! It was so beautiful, and there's a promise of the spring to come already!
Oh, how I'm waiting for the spring! Despite the heaviness of the seasons I do love them. There's a very unique feel to each one, and after a long winter you really appreciate the warm, sweet summer, the sun that never goes down, the lightness that takes over and makes us all smile! But it's the changes between these two that can make you feel a little confused every now and then.

I decided to make myself feel good and came to have dinner to one of my favourite places: Café Balzac. My sweet husband is at work and he suggested I'd go and enjoy this evening! And this place just does it to me every time! The atmosphere, the music, the food, everything! As I once wrote, it takes me to Paris, instantly! And this time it'll be even more real, since I'm going to be in the City of Lights in just four weeks! I'll concentrate on that!
Have a sweet evening, my sweets!

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