tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013

Running errands

I made it back home from the snow! It was quite ok for a while but now it's gotten all stormy again. I took care of many things: returned books to library, chased and found a spare part to our guitar which I accidentally knocked over Yesterday while hoovering, got something pretty to my sweet friend's baby, and met with my little friend over some heavenly cups of tea! Such a nice and warm moment we had, thank you sweetie!

In the middle of my tasks before my tea date I popped in Tiedekulma in Aleksi to have a quick bite to eat. This is Helsinki University's corner with a lovely Ihana Kahvila and little bookshop too. Nice place, I like the feeling of universities, the laid back spirit and people. I bought a few post cards, cool Helsinki pictures, I think I need to post them here! Not any average tourist cards, definitely!

Here's a few pics, also of the statue of our national poet J. L. Runeberg, who's birthday is today! We celebrate it with our flags and eating his signature cake, yummy! He wrote the poem which later became the words of our national anthem.
Have a cozy evening, everyone!


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