torstai 14. helmikuuta 2013

Valentine's Day & New Shoes!

I promised to show you the shoes from they are!
Basic black heels with that special Ms. Parikka twist and her signature heart-theme with a hidden platform, which makes them not only look good but feel good as well! They are so comfortable and good to wear, I'm very happy about them since I've needed new black shoes for a while now! Very happy!!
This is my third pair altogether, I got my very firsts from my husband a few years ago for Christmas! They are seriously cool, for very special occasions! Oh my sweet darling husband!

Minna Parikka is one of our most talented up-and-coming designers. I love her colourful and fun style with traces of vintage and pin-up. I wish her all the best, and will be cheering for her! Check her pages here, beautiful!

Now I'll wish you all a happy Valentine's Day! We'll leave for the movie in a bit, have a good evening with heart-shaped thoughts my friends!

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