lauantai 9. helmikuuta 2013

Premiere in Ryhmäteatteri!


Thursday evening we all gathered together for our dear friend who had the premiere of her new show in Ryhmäteatteri. Oh the amount of laughing and utmost talent!! My friend Anna laughed beside me so much she had tears in her eyes, non-stop!
We are talking about comedy, in this case with dark shades, which is the most difficult genre in the field of theatre. And dear Ulla holds the whole audience in her fingers, alone, for 1h 45min so that the audience is crying and laughing at the same time. Just one person, no sidekicks, no music, no videoshots, no nothing. Just her, a rocking chair, lamp and a cuckoo clock. I think this is truly amazing. Not so many people can do this, believe me!
They make an excellent team, Ulla and her director, Raila Allu Leppäkoski. Together they write these stories, small observations about us human beings and make us laugh at our own behaviour, which is rather odd most of the time! It's brilliant, it's verbal fireworks, and she's a diamond. She recieved a standing ovation at the end, it was amazing!

Go and see the show, what a perfect timing too here in the midst of winter darkness! This will make you laugh good!
Ryhmäteatteri's Pengerkatu stage. Hooray!!

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