perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012

A walk in the sun

The sun is so energizing! I went for a long stroll at the beach! It's a few blocks away from our home, in Helsinki the sea is never far away. This is our local beach, probably also the biggest one in Helsinki, and that's where we also go in the summer if the weather's good. Though last summer I don't think we sunbathed there once! It wasn't the best of summers in that sense, otherwise good. Living in Finland means that you always have such high hopes when it comes to the warmest of months. This year I demanded my money back! But it was beautiful anyway!
Now the sun is quite low since we are heavily moving towards the winter. It was so pretty, there was frost in the ground, shadows were long, and the colour of the sea really dark. I took some pics, here!

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