torstai 22. marraskuuta 2012

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a long day at work but I was just all smiles! My mind is still in last weekend, it's amazing what this trip did to me, to all of us! It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing, bringing us even closer to each other if that's even possible. But it was also about the city and its unbelievable atmosphere. It fits so well to the world according to me, how I see it. I haven't found a place more relaxed, more vivid, more open and welcoming anywhere. Two girls of our group have lived there for several years and basically they started the whole mania. They introduced the rest of us to all this, and man have we seen a lot! Oh dear, I might just be blushing right now.. My heart is filled with joy, I'm very grateful for everything!

But as it so happens, life goes on, there's still heavy weeks ahead before Christmas, and I have a zillion tasks to take care of! I feel like I'm filled with energy, bring it on, I can do it!! But the very first thing to do is having this moment with you guys, this is nice! Have a sweet day!

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