perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012

Good Morning!

It's a new day and after a good night's sleep I feel somewhat reborn! This week has been quite rough and I can feel it in my system but today I only have to work in the evening so I'm going to enjoy this sunny morning!
When I have the time during mornings, I read the morning paper. Actually it might mostly be quite bad and sad news like in many papers, but I've learned to digest it. Makes you wonder though, it's not the papers, it's the world, really.

I love big breakfasts but during the week it's really simple. This might be a little shocking but I love porridge! At the moment I've been having this Pirkka organic porridge made of oat, which you can get from K-kauppa. That's really good, just believe it! I mix bananas, apple and blueberries with it, it becomes even healthier and keeps the hunger away for quite a while! My other big favourite is natural yoghourt with fruit and maybe muesli or some seeds and nuts, a little drop of honey too, mmm!

Ok, now I've shared my breakfast with you, I wonder what comes next?! Have a sweet day!!

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