lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012

The big breakfast

Good morning everybody! I looks a little grey outside but we a have cozy thing going on inside: croissants, toast, fruit, cheese, juice and tea! That should start the engines alright! I feel a little rusty after yesterday.. But it was a really nice evening I must say! The band was excellent! A trio called Narinkka. They've got a really cool take on klezmer music, they've made their own style and sound, the whole picture was complete somehow. There were stories behind every song, a nostalgic atmosphere took over in the audience. The space was a small theatre, it fit so well with the band, created an intimate feeling. They've got a brand new album out. I wish all the best for these guys, it was fantastic!

Later on we had a reservation in Ravintola Lungi, we enjoyed good food, good wine and good company! We talked about November and how we'll get through the darkest month exactly like this, with friends, good moments and candle light. That's a good plan, I'll hold on to that!


Now I just have to get a move on, we're going to have my mother, my sister +one child and one dog over for dinner! I have a huge salmon, or half of it really, in the fridge, it'll be good! I'll let you know the full menu again! Enjoy the day!

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