perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2012

Old neighbourhood & sweet friend

What a nostalgic feeling! I met with a super sweet friend of mine in a relatively new cafe in Harju where I used to live. We had a lovely time, she's got the cutest babygirl who's now four months old and very considerate for her age: she let her Mommy have her coffee and chat just like that! I got to hold the tiniest feet and hands, oh how life is a miracle really! I feel all pink now!

The cafe was really nice, it's called Sävy, and has moved to this bigger space in Aleksis Kiven katu in the summer. Really warm and bohemian, something berlinesque about it, I liked it a lot and will definitely go there again!

All this was in my old neighbourhood, which got me thinking about the past. Below is a picture of my old building, a really old and beautiful building it is! It didn't have an elevator, and I lived on the 5th floor, so that was pretty much all the exercise I needed! It had a beautiful ornamental tilestove and it still worked! When you walked down the street there was a little park where I remember vividly a certain someone sharing a passionate kiss with a certain someone else long before he became the certain someone's husband! So cute! It's all still there and making me all emotional!

Well, back to today! It's Friday and I'm about to leave for a friend's gig! We are going to be quite many who are going so this is going to be a great night! See you all later, have a fabulous evening!

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