keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Home at last!

Oh man this was a long day! Left in the morning and now finally home! I was starving when I came, and thought there's actually nothing to eat, have to go buy groceries, but guess what?! My darling husband had ordered me dinner from one of our favourite places here close by, Mamma Rosa! Oh if I could just squeeze him right now! So kind of him! He's at work at the moment so that'll have to wait but that was such a lovely thing to do, I'm a lucky girl!
It was a bit stressful day but now I feel good and can spend this moment with you guys! I've been waiting for this! It's been so nice to write small things here, together with pictures, I like it so much!

For the rest of the evening I'm going to do a whole lot of nothing, just enjoy a good magazine, watch a little telly and have this truly amazing green tea from Moko Market! Have a good evening you too!

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