tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012


The sun is shining and so am I! Or well, I don't know exactly how true might that be since I've been like a little hurricane over here: done a little cleaning up, dishes, laundry and gone to food shop.. I think maybe from the outside I need a little polishing right now but on the inside I feel good! And the inner things are always the ones that really count, right?

Yesterday evening was so nice! I got what I expected, and even more! I got a sweet friend to go with me on the last minute! We enjoyed the play and had a glass of sparkling on the interval. It was almost full and of course so many people were wearing Marimekko! How inconsiderate of me! I should have also! They had created two fashion shows which were really cool and fun. The colours, original designs, all that I thought would be there, were! And the leading lady was excellent. I hope all the best for this one, lots of audience and good reviews!

Here's what I got Yesterday from my sweet Irish friend! It's a scented candle, and not just any candle, it's an Avoca candle! She's introduced me to this wonderful Irish label Avoca Anthology where everything they have is so pretty starting from clothes and socks to these little atmosphere adders! I'm a big fan and even ordered two cardigans online a few years back! Thank you sweet P!!

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