keskiviikko 14. marraskuuta 2012


Yesterday, after my visit to The Ounce I went to the bookstore Sammakko, on the other side of the block in Eerikinkatu. That's a nice place. Everything is colourful, they have good books, travelguides and cards. I needed a gift to give to someone close to us, so that's where I went and got one too! I go there quite often for this purpose. To be more precise, it's actually a publishing house with their own bookstores. They publish all kinds of fun stuff from Milla Paloniemi's comics to beat-writers Kerouac and Bukowski. It's a wonderful store! Again I checked if it was ok to take some pictures, and yes it was! I've been thinking about this, I write about things close to me, and mention the places I find attractive and nice, so with photos it's much easier to prove my point, and maybe some of you dear readers will one day go and check the place out! This is a win-win-situation my friends! So may I introduce: Sammakko!

Afterwards I walked a little around Eerikinkatu, so many nice little shops and another really good teashop, I've somehow forgotten that it's such a lively street! It was already past seven so many of the places had closed already, but next time!

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