lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

Sweet Saturday!

We had a good time, me and the birthdaygirl! We went to see The Finnish RSO and Ismo Alanko in Musiikkitalo. They're having a concert right now as we speak, but we went to see the general rehearsal. Oh the amount of charisma in that person! I think I've been in love with Ismo Alanko since my 20s, but nowadays it's more about admiration and respect.. I think.. He's an amazing musician and lyricist, and his voice is just overwhelming. He's been around from the early 80s, continuously transforming his style of music and interpretation. I really have to hand it to him for walking his own way.
Today was about his songs arranged by contemporary Finnish composers and his first performance ever with a symphony orchestra. My little friend was as eager as myself, since she represents the next generation of Ismo-fans! Oh we enjoyed and talked about the things we heard over a cup of hot chocolate, white tea and some goodies. It was goood, all of it!

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