perjantai 23. marraskuuta 2012

Pasta & pictures

Yesterday evening our dining table turned into a sea of pictures. I edited, mix-and-matched, and designed a whole bunch of pictures from last weekend, got them developed and started putting them together. It was like doing a puzzle! I listened to some beautiful French music which is the word for next week, and just enjoyed what I saw. I love pictures, and even more so, when they are real, good old fashioned paper pictures!

This morning I was very organized. We have a long day at work once again, so I made dinner already, and packed it to go. Thought to share this wonderful recipe for a salmon pasta, so simple and so good! I don't know how many of you eat pasta anymore, seems like it's been banned, but I love it! Especially in these colder seasons I need the carbs to keep me warm and comfortable!
This is how I did it:

150g cold smoked salmon
2 dl cream
1 onion+little bit of oil
Teriyaki spice by Santa Maria

What ever kind of pasta you prefer

I just stirred the onion in oil, added the salmon which I'd cut to pieces, then the cream and the Teriyaki spice. In the meanwhile I cooked the pasta. I can't believe how simple this is, and I love the taste! It's the spice, there's sesame seeds and ginger in the Teriyaki, one of my favourite things, and they fit so well with salmon!

So my day is covered, at least foodwise, now all I have to do is work! Bye!

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