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I got a request today which was: more recipes! Oh I was really glad! A sweet colleague of mine told me at work today that her daughter had made the mudcake! Mmmm, wonderful! So I thought the next thing to post would have to be the cheesecake! Although I'll warn you, it's close to being criminal, really, it's so good! Here we go:

The crust:
10 Digestive biscuits, crushed
2 tblspoons sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
50 g butter, melted

Mix all the above together and put on an oven-safe dish.

The filling:
Berries ( raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.. It also works fine without anything!)
3 sheet gelatine
0,5 dl juice
1 box (200g) Sunnuntai Vanilija Rahkavalmiste
1 box Flora Vanilla
0,5 dl powdered sugar

If you use berries, put them on top of the crust.
Put the sheet gelatine to cold water.
Mix Sunnuntai Vanilla and powdered sugar.
Mix Flora Vanilla in another bowl until it's fluffy and add with Sunnuntai Vanilla and powdered sugar, mix all of these well together.
Heat the juice and pour it into a mug. Add the sheet gelatine and mix with a spoon until they melt and quickly pour into the bowl with everything else and mix well.
Pour the 'dough' on top of the crust (and berries) , and put to the fridge for a few hours and just enjoy!

Try it, it's easy to make, and seriously good!! 

Here are a few pictures from our Father's day setting, with a different cake though! Oh dear, it seems as if we'd have a bakery over here! Not quite, just a couple sets of sweet teeth!

The recipe for the mudcake can be found here:

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