sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

Beauty issues

Last week my sister was in Seoul, South Korea. She goes around a lot for her work, and we have a fantastic agreement of me ordering stuff according to her hints on all kinds of things! When it comes to Korea, it's all about cosmetics and skin care! Oh the Asian certainly know about beauty! It's been the best skin care I've ever known, face cremes, masks, you name it! This time I stocked up good, I got three different moisturizers, an eye creme, a foaming cleanser+she always brings different face masks, super nourishing with raspberries, aloe, lavender, the list is neverending!

So Yesterday when she came I got my goodie bag and this morning started treating myself! I put on a mask and tried one of the moisturizers. I also gave my hair a good therapy session with a 15-minute mask. Oh this is nice, I feel good and skin feels good, thank you Sis, again!!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Exellent! Next time we´ll try the snake venom treatments... ;-)
    - Sis -

    1. DEFINITELY!!! We'll book a few days for that so if something unexpected happens, we'll have time to recover.. Oh the things we do to make ourselves shine!!

    2. But no knife or needel, please! :-o

    3. Nope, we won't be needing those. Just go to Korea and stock up every once in a while and we'll be fine!