perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012


Before I went home I stopped by Anton&Anton Museokatu. It's a food market specialized in local food production and stuff that's organic. The whole concept is really good, the food is great and they have always something new in which I've never seen anywhere else. This time I bought a pack of new muesli with lingonberries, I guess I was inspired after my breakfast-post! Also I like the way their shops look like. I've heard they only look for spaces in old buildings and this one even has the original old black-and-white tile-floor. It's wonderful that they've come from Porvoo to Helsinki, sometime ago they opend a shop in Kruununhaka as well. Yey!

            Now it's time to start thinking about work, see you later my friends and enjoy, it's Friday!

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