maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2012

Plates recycled!

On rainy days like today it's nice to stay in, if only possible, and think homy thoughts. For me that means doing something cozy like watch telly, prepare food, maybe bake a little, or handcrafts! Rarely there's enough time to really start a new project but every now and then it happens! I thought I'd introduce you to my plate project! I always keep my eyes on pretty old things, including plates, when I wander through fleamarkets! As a person I'm a hopeless nostalgia-lover, this might be a symptom of that! I love old Arabia tableware. They're perfectly designed and coloured, and they even match some of the newer stuff that comes to market. So I started collecting plates, really small ones, a little bigger ones, and something in between, and thought they looked so cute not only separately but together as well. I got the idea of putting them together from a magazine, once again, and the next thing was to get a bunch of eggcups and some superglue and look what happened!

I've given these as presents, and kept a few myself, they are really unique and lovely I think! There's something humorous about them, some are sophisticated and elegant even, so many thoughts come to mind when looking at them! And the way to use them is so versatile: petit fours, all other kinds of goodies, jewellery, earrings and such, even keys or whatever small things that easily gets lost! But oh boy did our dining room look like a little sweatshop when all this was going on! Luckily my sweet husband understands my very keen take on things when something like this happens!!

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