lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012


My stomach is now full, am very satisfied. I was cooking like there was no tomorrow! Salmon with creme and almonds, potato and carrot wedges in oil and rosemary&thyme, and for starters escargots in butter, garlic and blue cheese. Oooh. The escargots are one our favourite dish! Blue cheese adds something extra to the whole thing and the amount of garlic has to be a lot! It was good. But the very first thing we did was open a bottle of champagne! Rose! I could get all poetic on the subject but I'll spare you and just say oooh again! We sat around the table for quite a while with the ladies, gushed about things and watched photographs. This is the way to spend a good evening! My Mother, sister and myself make a good team and I love it! For dessert I had baked cinnamon rolls, and we had some good tea to go with it. This is good, I feel calm and happy!

Still have to put a word for the dog! She's adorable, the shiniest black Labrador I have ever seen, our favourite little maniac, who melts hearts everytime we meet! A good watchdog around the food table and elswhere! Love her!

Have a good evening you all, I think I'll still have one more cinnamon roll and turn in, good night and see you tomorrow!

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